Fall Dress.

I bet you all thought I was a headless blogging wonder, huh?  Welp I’m risking losing my sympathy viewers here, but surprise! I have a head.  I actually got my act together and did my hair/make-up on a Sunday so deemed it okay to have it posted to the blog this time.

So, this week’s garment, the fall dress.  I love tricking people with dresses.  That sounds weird, but what I mean is when you wear a dress people automatically think you are semi to super dressed up, without even trying too hard.  But here’s the big secret they don’t know about, dresses are easier than jeans + shirt or any other 2 piece ensemble and a lot of times more comfortable.  It’s one article of clothing, throw it on, BOOM instaoutfit.  No matching, no thinking, no whats, no buts, no coconuts, it’s awesome.


I am almost convinced that you could throw a statement necklace and blazer on a burlap sack and it would look sophisticated.  Hmm….burlap sack…future blog post idea, I think so!  When I am wearing a plainer/color-blocked outfit like this one I like to pair patterned or bright colored heels with it to make it a little bit more zingy (I know what you’re thinking, “really? zingy, Maureen? that’s what my Grandpa says to describe a bowl of chili). Actually, a lot of times I will plan an entire outfit around the shoes themselves.  A lot of guys do this too, I hear them all talking about it and planning their Monday outfits during half-time on Sundays.


Fall Dress + Statement Necklace + Blazer + Houndstooth Heels


So check out that watch.  I “borrowed” that from my friend Casey when we all went out the other night.  It wasn’t my fault, the tequila made me do it, which is strange because I thought tequila was supposed to make your clothes fall off, but apparently it makes me put more on.  Sorry I’m not THAT sorry Casey, I LOVE that watch 😉  So back to the dress, I like the belt around the waist because it makes it look a little bit more put together and gives you a nice hourglass shape.  Boots with dresses are one of my favorite looks and you only have a small window in Sept/Oct when you can wear them without tights so hussle to your closet before they predict a Halloween blizzard!   PS – Also a good accessory, dogs.  Dogs are a good accessory.  With almost any outfit. (<3 you Layla)

Fall Dress + Printed Scarf + Brown Leather Belt + Suede Boots

Fall Dress + Printed Scarf + Brown Leather Belt + Suede Boots

DON’T CARE (but hey, I kinda care)

Holy cow this outfit is comfy.  Like I want to wear it to watch tv, to bed, in the shower, everywhere. I didn’t even change out of it after I took these pics when I went to the grocery store.  I risked one of my thousands of followers seeing me at Whole Foods and getting a sneak peak of this week’s post. Don’t worry, I didn’t run into any, PHEW that was a close one.  The leggings make you warmer, but also allow you to sit totally unladylike without anyone singing “I see London, I see France” (you know the rest) and you feeling like the town hussy.  Okay, don’t you just wanna snuggle up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate (with fluff in it!)  in this outfit?  Or ya know with your husband or boyfriend or whatever instead of the hot chocolate if you’re into that.

Fall Dress + Oversized Knit Cardigan + Leggings + Flats

Fall Dress + Oversized Knit Cardigan + Leggings + Fluffy Knit Scarf + Flats

Stay tuned for next week’s post, it’s going to be wild RAWR!  (stay tuned?  What is is this an old timey radio show?)

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10 thoughts on “Fall Dress.

  1. alicecaboni says:

    Really like your blog 🙂 Great job! Don’t mind checking out mine!

  2. Katie T says:

    love. now you need to tell me where to purchase these items, otherwise it would just be a tease

  3. suebcfne says:

    Love, love those houndstooth heels! Any sourcing ideas you’re willing to share?

  4. suebcfne says:

    Love, love those houndstooth heels! Any sourcing suggestions?

  5. suebcfne says:

    Thx! Gives me something to shoot for. 😉

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