Animal Print Cardigan.

“Leopard print is really HOT right now” – My dad

Oh btw this is coming from a highly conservative man who considers wearing a hunter green sweater over his white collared shirt instead of a navy one a “fashion risk.” So to say the least I was a bit, uh, skeptical of his “oh so confident” statement on the latest trends.

WELL turns out he has been sneaking episodes of Project Runway in between Red Sox games and Political Television because low and behold I googled “Fall Fashion Trends 2013” and WABAM (I promise to completely make up one word per post) – Animal Prints:


So I chose to highlight the animal print cardigan this week, but seriously, shopping around this weekend I have never seen so many options when it comes to animal print. Skirts, scarfs, dresses, coats, moo moos, you name it, get something with an animal print if you don’t own one already (don’t get the moo moo), this trend comes and goes as fast as a cheetah runs (that sounded stupid, but I’m keeping it).



So ladies and gentlemen just when you thought animal print was too ferocious for the office…it’s…not (Okay fine I need to work on my innuendo punch lines). It’s actually really elegant, I mean look at Audrey Hepburn and I here, we’re just ridiculously sophisticated (okay she is, I look sophistically ridiculous).


She inspired this outfit with these two pictures. I took the classic black dress (if you don’t have one of these run to the store NOW, lbd’s ((if you don’t know what lbd’s are, you can’t be saved)) (((how many parenthesis within parenthesis is she gonna do?))) are a staple!) look and I made it a bit edgier with this sassy leopard cardigan. I also stayed with the Hepburness theme with the pearls, but added a bit more glammy glamness to it with a crystal and bronze necklace.

Animal Print Cardigan + Little Black Dress + Pearl Necklace + Bronze/Crystal Necklace + Classic Black Heels

Animal Print Cardigan + Little Black Dress + Pearl Necklace + Bronze/Crystal Necklace + Classic Black Heels



Who says you need a shirt under a cardigan anyways? Oh. Your mother and grandmother and all those other conservative types, well forget them tonight, you’re going out on the prowl!  RAWR. Kept this outfit pretty simple, just black skinny jeans with some eye-catching heels.  I wouldn’t wear just the cardigan with a skirt or pair of shorts though, you don’t want to mix a low cut shirt with something short. Leave something to the imagination for goodness sakes, you don’t want to be mistaken for a cougar….or maybe you do, in which case you may be on the wrong website.

Animal Print Cardigan + Black Skinny Jeans + Gold Heels

Animal Print Cardigan + Black Skinny Jeans + Gold Heels


DON’T CARE. (but hey, i kinda care)

I mixed prints a bit here, which can be tricky.  I have a casual white T with a black & white large rose on it and a more condensed animal print patterned cardigan.  That’s one way to do it, larger pattern with smaller pattern with complimenting colors.  Also, do you like how my hands are in my pockets? Doesn’t that just scream “Hey I’m cool, I’m casual, I don’t care, but I kinda care?”  Yeah I thought so!  My wonderful photographer (and roommate) was making fun of it, but let’s get real, I look like I’m straight out of an Osh Kosh Bgosh Catalogue.

Animal Print Cardigan + Casual T + Distressed Jeans + Flats

Animal Print Cardigan + Casual T + Distressed Jeans + Flats

My final piece of advice, don’t overdue it with the animal prints. An accent piece is enough. Unless you’re a real cheetah or leopard, then have at it, we won’t judge you. But if you’re a human you will risk looking like this:



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