I wonder how many dudes clicked on this post just because they thought it would be a bunch of butt shots…hmm.  Well for those of you who DON’T know, booties are also ankle boots (anddd cue the guys closing out of this page).  I find that a lot of girls have tall boots and wear them all the time in the fall/winter.  They may have one pair of ankle boots lingering in their closet, but they NEVER wear them.  Sup with that?  Rumor has it they aren’t sure how to wear them or with what (who spreads rumors about boots?  so weird.)  Well guess what, NOW is the time to start wearing them!  They are super versatile (versatile…versastyle…get it?  gawd I’m clever) and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to pair them with different outfits.

Oh and a special shout out to my friends Rebecca and Rachy for giving me the idea to highlight booties this week!! (whenever I say “shout out” I immediately flashback to watching TRL after school and fantasizing about being next to Carson just so I could “shout out” to someone…such admirable goals I used to have)



This outfit just screams fall to me.  It’s sad to say that it’s getting cold enough to wear tights, but they look so damn cute I don’t mind, for now.  Although, I do wish the weather would make up it’s freaking mind already.  Without fail the day I wear flannel it’s a sweltering 80 degrees and so I wear shorts the next day and I’m freezing my bootie(s) off (<— see what I did there).  Anyyywayyys what were we talking about?  Oh yeah, fashion, boots, the reason for this blog, right.  So pairing booties with tights is always a good idea, I generally wear them with skirts, but there are many dresses that look great with them as well, just make sure the styles match up (i.e. don’t wear a casual ankle boot with a fancy dress).

Chestnut Booties + Black Tights + Lightweight Sweater + Knit Plaid Scarf.

Chestnut Booties + Black Tights + Pleated Straight Skirt + Lightweight Sweater + Knit Plaid Scarf.



You could wear this outfit shopping down Newbury, to the museum or to Catholic School (just kidding you would be kicked out immediately, by the nuns, not the fashion police because this outfit is H-O-T hot).  A lot of people may not think to wear exposed socks with their boots, but let me tell you it is the THING to do this season, and not just with skirts or booties, play around with pants, tall boots, snuggies, whatever you’re into.

Chestnut Booties + Scrunched Knee Socks + Plaid Mini Skirt + Ruffled Top + Lightweight Coat.

Chestnut Booties + Scrunched Knee Socks + Plaid Mini Skirt + Ruffled Top + Lightweight Coat.


DON’T CARE. (but hey, I kinda care)

This is simple and easy to put together.  Cuffed skinny jeans look absolutely adorable with booties. Like, SO adorable that if you put this picture next to a picture of a baby wearing booties on facebook THIS would get more likes.  Alright, FINE, it wouldn’t, especially if the baby had little ducky booties on, but come on you can’t deny this style looks fresh.  You can of course also just not cuff the pants and wear the ankle boots straight up (or on the rocks?  Yeah, I think I had one too many drinks at the bar last night) over the skinny jeans, but cuffing adds a little bit of fierceness (RAWR) to your outfit.

Chestnut Booties + Black Jeans + Cut-out Tank + Slouchy Cardigan + Watercolor Scarf.

Chestnut Booties + Black Jeans + Cut-out Tank + Slouchy Cardigan + Watercolor Scarf.

PS – I would love to hear people’s opinions (unless they’re negative in which case you can scram, jk I’ll take constructive criticism) and also would LOVE suggestions for future posts!


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