Men’s Plaid Shirt.

Is there anything that looks better on a guy than a perfectly fitted plaid shirt? (YEAH, no shirt! hmm..good point)   Okay, I don’t know if it’s the colors that bring out their eyes or the fabric that fits their body so well, but when you see a man wearing a perfectly sized plaid shirt, whether on a cowboy, or a lumberjack, or that really hot and manly electrician who you see working at your office sometimes that you just want to smash all the lights and cut all the wires for just so he has to come back again… know, just hypothetically speaking…I mean, it’s just a really good look.  It’s such a classic pattern that literally looks good on EVERYONE in some form or another. So guys, seriously, if you don’t own one call 911!! because this is a fashion emergency.  Or you could, I guess, just go to the store and buy one, but do so URGENTLY, this is a social life and death situation. In summary, a plaid shirt is perfect for any guy and for any situation, including, and not limited to, (but I just came up with these scenarios right on the spot) you could wear one to work, at play, or just totally not caring (but caring a little bit.)

You would think it would be real easy for a guy to look fashionable, they don’t have hips or hourglass figures, should be pretty straight forward, but they get themselves into some real trouble when it comes to clothing. My biggest pet peeve is fit, if I hear one more guy say he wants a bigger size of something than what actually fits him because it’ll be “more comfortable” I’m going to punch myself in the face (or maybe something less violent and that doesn’t involve hurting myself?). FACT, a man’s most UNcomfortable outfit is equivalent to a woman’s most comfortable outfit, so suck it up gentlemen!

Boy oh boy did I hit the jackpot with my models. Don’t get me wrong, they are super high maintenance and had demand after demand (chicken wings at the photo shoot, bow staff/nunchuck props in their photos, I could go on, and if anything I am under exaggerating), but wowee they sure did deliver! Here’s a pic from our epic shopping trip so these boys could get their plaid on. An understatement would be to say they made a scene, but luckily I planned ahead and hired two babysitters to tame these wild animals (thanks Nicole and Rachy!).




Steve is one high demand model, he actually had two photo shoots this past weekend, luckily I booked him well in advance, like a few days ago, phew. Let me tell you something guys, the days of a white oxford shirts with a red striped tie are behind us, time to get creative. I paired Steve’s plaid shirt with a thinner charcoal grey tie, if I could have added one thing I would have added a tie clip, a vintage style that is coming back and makes you look super sharp. You can of course wear this outfit without the tie as well to make it more casual. On the other hand, you can also wear a full suit with a plaid shirt and if it’s a super fancy affair add a matching pocket square for a pop or color, Ooh lala!

Plaid Shirt + Thin Solid Color Tie + Suit Pants + Brown Leather Belt + Brown Leather Oxfords.

Plaid Shirt + Thin Solid Color Tie + Suit Pants + Brown Leather Belt + Brown Leather Oxfords.

Just so you know the difference between a bad work look and a good one, here’s a bad one. Although I do not condone this outfit whatsoever, I more than approve of Fuel for Fire, fruit + protein, healthy and delicious at the same time, that’s like having an outfit that’s comfy and stylish. Perfection.




I told Casey to look “playful” and got these two different poses. Very versatile Case, I like.  Ladies, you decide which version of playful you’re into 😉 OH WAIT.. this is a fashion blog…not a weird plaid shirt male dating auction site…right..okay back on topic! I put Casey in a plaid shirt and cardigan sweater (Pullover! No, it’s a cardigan, but thanks for noticing!). Sorry, random movie quotes pop into my head and I can’t resist.  GUYS, you should own a cardigan, they look so good.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the v-neck sweater over the plaid shirt look as well, but a cardigan really says, HEY, I’ve got style. And when you have style you look good, and when you look good you’re confident, and when you’re confident you get all the babes.  Aren’t you seeing the pattern here? Plaid shirts single handedly make you a better person, I can’t make this stuff up. Casey is also wearing a skinnier fit khaki colored denim, and some boots that could be considered fancy or casual, perfect for a casual soiree or night out after a long day on the ski slopes! Hot toddy anyone?

Plaid Shirt + Cowl Neck Cardigan + Khaki Denim + Brown Leather Boots.

Plaid Shirt + Cowl Neck Cardigan + Khaki Denim + Brown Leather Boots.


DON’T CARE. (but hey, i kinda care)

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh my goodness gracious, did Maureen get the real life Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox to model for her blog!?!” No, no, but I got the next best thing, Nick and Oscar! Very classic look here, Nick has on a more relaxed fit jean, comfortable, yet stylish, and some casual boat shoe style boots. Did you say comfortable AND stylish, OH, yes I did boys, it’s possible so I hope you’re taking notes. We rolled his sleeves up just a bit to show off his masculine wrists and went with no undershirt because honestly, it actually looks more put together without one. With this classic look just be sure, and I know I sound like a broken record here, but I beg of you, please be sure your shirt fits properly. None of these flimsy wimsy baggy waggy shirts, or worse, ones that are bustin’ at the seems. These don’t go out of style so just invest a little extra ca$h into one that feels good and looks good, you won’t be sorry I promise. (If you’re sorry though, don’t come crying to me, honey badger don’t care). Oh come one, Oscar is just working that plaid scarf, not much else to say there, he was born to model.


Plaid Shirt + Relaxed Fit Jeans + Casual Brown Leather Shoes.

Plaid Shirt + Relaxed Fit Jeans + Casual Brown Leather Shoes.

A special thank you to my models, Steve, Casey and Nick, for looking so damn good and putting up with my fashion blogger demands, you guys are the best!  And all you guys out there, let me know if you have a suggestion for another male post and maybe you can be my next fashion model!

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