Okay you caught me, I did something a little bit different here, I didn’t use the same type of vest for each look, but it’s still one garment and I still intend to work, play and not care in it so let’s all embrace the change together! Yeehaw! (I never, like ever, say yeehaw, but it seemed right here)

Move over Stefan Urquelle, Steve Urkel had the right idea with this vest.  As long as he doesn’t talk or move he can slay with the ladies in this nerd chic outfit.  But seriously, vests are a super fun way to change up your look and add a little bit of uniqueness to your wardrobe.  Since you don’t have any sleevies (for your armies haaaa) you can layer with scarfs, shirts, etc. which kind of fools people into thinking you are more stylish than you really are.  Something about the multiple pieces of clothing just screams “Hey everybody, come and see how good looking I am!”

Did I do that? (<–you all just said that in a nerd voice) Yup. You did do that Urkel, good job. For once.



Like my profolio?  Looks real professional, huh?  I could secretly be reading a trashy celeb gossip magazine and you’d have no idea because you’d be too focused on how sophistacated that vest looks, am I right?  Okay, shut up Maureen.  This outfit reminded me of a pilgrim, although if I wore this back in pilgrim days I would probably be hanged for being such a trampy scalawag witch.  Luckily for all of us those days are over and I can wear this freely to work and ain’t nobody going to tell me not to, not even HR, probably because I am HR, but either way suck it pilgrims.  Hmm….maybe I should say something serious about this outfit now since I guess this is a fashion blog.  This is a Men’s wear isnpired vest (think suit/tux vests) and I love it.  I have had it for years and can wear it with pants or skirts.  I try to contrast the skirt or pants to avoid having it look like I am wearing a man’s suit, since you know, I’m a lady.

Tailored Vest + White Blouse + A-line Skirt + Grey Tights + Suede Heels

Tailored Vest + White Blouse + A-line Skirt + Grey Tights + Suede Heels



I just want to go to the place where the beer flows like wine in this vest, you know… a little place called… ASPEN!  So one of my Crossfit Friends was asking me what they could wear on a date to a football game, for those of you who don’t live in New England, it’s stupid cold this time of year.  This can be a real tricky situation, you can end up looking damn good clothing wise, but like a smurf skin wise because you are freezin your buns off OR you put on so many layers your date isn’t sure if he’s dating a girl or an angora bunny (please refer to reference photo below).   Not good looks.  So to stay hot while looking hot a vest is always a good choice!  A fur vest is shockingly warm, those animals have the right idea (btw my fur vest is not real fur, don’t throw red paint on me! k?), but a feather down vest can also be a good choice, and paired with a scarf/jeans/leggings you will actually have a shape to your body which is always a plus.

Fur Vest + Henley Shirt + Jeans + Leather/Gold Chain Belt

Fur Vest + Henley Shirt + Jeans + Leather/Gold Chain Belt + Suede Booties

Taking fluffy to a new level.

Taking fluffy to a new level.


DON’T CARE. (but hey, I kinda care)

What am I looking at?  Who cares, I don’t care, I have my I don’t care clothing on.  This vest is made of sweater…okay BUSTED I don’t know what material it is but here’s a funny movie quote to make up for it (What’s the soup du jour?  It’s the soup of the day.  Mmmm sounds good I’ll have that!).  As with most sweaters, except for the ugly itchy Christmas sweater variety, it’s warm and cozy.  I like to wear colored jeans to add some contrast and these maroon colored ones with the grey were perfecto.  This outfit is comfortable enough to hang around the house, but also can be warn to a casual dinner/drinks in the winter.

Sweater Vest + Jersey Knit Shirt + Maroon Jeans + Chestnut Boots

Sweater Vest + Jersey Knit Shirt + Maroon Jeans + Chestnut Boots


So the moral of the story is in-vest in a vest. See what I did there?  You won’t be sorry, vests are kinda always in style in some form or another and if they go out, hold onto it because they are coming back baby!

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