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The Basic Series: The Plain White T

This is the first of an undetermined amount of posts (Ooo so suspenseful) on basic garments what every woman should have in their closet.  This series is inspired by a 4 week EU trip I am taking in June in which I am only bringing a small tote and 20 inch suitcase.  YUP, you read that right.  If you know me well that is generally what I pack just to go to work on a daily basis. Sooo therefore basics are going to be my go-to!

A lot of people think their wardrobe is boring because it is full of “plain clothing,” but in reality high quality, well-fitting “plain clothing” is the best thing you can add to your wardrobe!!  Think Jackie O, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn…now close your eyes and think of someone in your life who you think is super fashionable.  OKAY so next time you see me (or I guess next time you see that other person you thought of instead of me?)  take a good look at what I’m wearing, chances are 90% of my outfit consists of a basic attire (plain white tank, plain black pants, nice jeans, etc.) and not asymmetrical/trendy/printed pattern on pattern stuff.  I jazz up outfits with certain trendy accents, but the basics are the building blocks.  Well-fitted, high quality basics being the key.

With that said, I would say it makes sense to spend more ca$h money on the higher quality basics.  Feel free to get all that trendy stuff at Forever 21 or Target on super sale as it probably will only last a season or two any way.  Just please don’t buy a Hawaiian shirt.  Ever.  Unless of course you are Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, that man looks good in anything.

Johnny Depp (hubba hubba)

For you history buffs out there the T-shirt originated in the military and was worn under uniforms. Ever seen those vintage pics of musclely men relaxing with their white t’s and camo pants on? (hubba hubba) Okay history lesson over, sorry nerds this a fashion blog.


Beginning List of things worth spending extra money on (**if they fit perfectly**:
Real Leather Boots
Black Blazer
Black Pants
Basic White T

My faves:

Below are some of my favorite Plain White T’s ranging from least expensive to most expensive (the one in my photos is T by Alexander Wang – I love how soft and comfortable it is, but at the same time it drapes perfectly) :




Ooo look I combined a lot of basics here (white t, black blazer, black pants) with a statement necklace and trendy heels.  See what I’m saying here?  You can do a ton of mix & matching with these pieces as well.  And I made this T-shirt totes apropes for work (ew did I really just say “totes apropes”).

Plain white T + Cropped Skinny Black pants + Black Blazer + Statement Necklace + Black Heels

Plain white T + Cropped Skinny Black pants + Black Blazer + Statement Necklace + Black Heels



Hooray Spring weather is here in New England!  Well at least some days out of the week….between the hours of 10-3.  This outfit is semi-casual and is good for a date or frolicking in a meadow of daffodils.



DON’T CARE. (but hey, i kinda care)

Don’t I look trendy?  Little do you know this is basically a step above pajamas mwhaha.  I did a little pattern mixing with the scarf and camo toms.  Also, I love the top knot hairdo, super easy, but looks super chic. Do it.


So quick, go out and getcha self a white t before they’re sold out!  If you are nervous about adding it to your repertoire (it can be scary!) go with the Hanes women’s T, and if you like it try one of my other suggestions that fits your body shape well.  Until the next Basic Series post, au revoir (I’m practicing for Paris, I know goodbye and cheese so far..)!

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Yoga Pants.

Okay well it’s been a while since I’ve done a post and besides it being the holidays and me going on vacation to the most tropically warm heavenly place and having a hard time adjusting back to reality the truth is I feel like I live in the Arctic. I have lived in New England basically my whole life so I am not sure how I am so shocked at the freezing temps and endless snow we get, but somehow I am. Every  year. And it’s the worst. Every year. And when someone lives in the Arctic it’s super hard to be fashionable.  Because all you want to do is throw on some yoga pants and furry comfy boots and a big giganto thick sweater. Hmm…suddenly I am seeing the connection between my lack of a dating life in the winter as well. SO anyway, I said to myself, Maureen just do a post on yoga pants if that’s what you are wearing 24/7 in Jan./Feb. so BOOM here it is!

Yoga pants, leggings, stretch pants, tomatos, tomahhhtos, call them whatever you want, but they are an amazing invention. They are comforable, versatile, fashionable, AND guys love when women wear them.  These four things are almost never, like ever, in sync with one article of clothing.  You usually get just comfortable and fashionable (think Uggs 5-10 years ago), or fashionnable and guys love (stilletos) or comfortable and versatile (a snuggie). I have been into stretch pants for as long as I can remember, I used to rock the purple ones with the stirrups in 2nd grade. Now I rock neon ones to Crossfit on the daily. These never really go out of style so go crazy and get all different kinds!


Okay, don’t wear them with a unitard.



These are sneaky stretch pants. If you touch them they feel just like stretch pants and they are as comfortable as stretch pants, but when you look at them they just look like black fancy pants.  I think it’s the fake front pockets and back pockets that do it. In anycase I can wear these to work or take a nap in them, it’s awesome (or take a nap in them at work shhh ;)). Be careful though, don’t go wearing your half see-through leggings to work with a ratty T-shirt, people will notice, and by people I mean HR, and then they’ll have to have that “stop dressing like a homeless person” talk. Trust me on this one. HEY, not because I’ve worn that, because I’m in HR, k? You have to be tricky about it, get a little fancier pair of leggings/jeggings and have your shirt cover your bum a little or you might risk being a little too bootylicious for the office.

Black Leggings, Burnt Orange Jersey Tank, Brown Belt, Draped Cardigan, Statement Necklace.

Black Leggings, Burnt Orange Jersey Tank, Brown Belt, Draped Cardigan, Black Riding Boots, Statement Necklace.



MEOW.  Whenever I wear these pants I feel like Catwoman. They are from Lululemon and I saw them online and before I could buy them they were sold out. It was really, really sad, *sigh*.  #fashionbloggerproblems. Then like some sorta Christmas miracle, months later I went to the store and low & behold on the sale rack were THESE PANTS. I cried, and screamed, and then before they could kick me out for being completely crazy I bought them! They are SO rad, they have mesh cut outs and whether you are working out in them or working it with them you feel like a total bada$$. There are lots of appropriate leggings to wear out and about, pleather looking ones, fancier fabric ones, just something with a little extra sass.

Yoga Pants, Jersey Black Shirt, Leather Jacket, Black Heels.

Yoga Pants, Jersey Black Shirt, Leather Jacket, Black Heels.


DON’T CARE. (but hey, i kinda care)

These are conversation pants (what does that mean?). Meaning all kinds of random people and strangers on the streets will talk to me whenever I wear these. It’s actually kind of a blessing and a curse depending on the part of the city I’m in. I don’t think I need to tell many people how to wear leggings in a casual way, it’s something you probably do by mistake every time you wear them, that’s why I chose ones with a fun pattern to stand out a bit. I love wearing button down shirts with yoga pants, they give it a little structure and make you look a little less like you are hungover on your way to brunch at college.  You can wear this outfit to the grocery store, straight lounging, or after you got into a chocolate sauce fight (don’t ask).

Aztec Leggings, Chambray Shirt, Chestnut Riding Boots.

Aztec Leggings, Chambray Shirt, Chestnut Riding Boots.

So hopefully for my next post it will be a beautiful Spring day where I can leave my cave and wear something not made of fur or sweater, but until then and basically until the end of time I’ll be wearing leggings and yoga pants and stretch pants.  So do yourself a favor and go out and getcha self a pair, or 50!

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Black Blazer.

If you knew my Grampa you would know he didn’t really go anywhere unless he was wearing a 3-piece suit.  For 93 years he did this.  This proves that the blazer itself has been around for years and years and is such an iconic staple for a man or woman to add to their wardrobe.  Okay fine if you don’t believe my Grampa you should believe Coco Chanel, because she always had on these blazers to die for.  So I am going to wishfully assume you all own a tailored perfectly fitting black blazer, one that you would die for.  If you wouldn’t die for your blazer then divorce it, stat.  If you don’t own one, then I’m disowning you.  k bye.  Or just go buy one and we can be friends again (I’m sucha pushover).

Did ya notice my pics look more professional this week?  YUP, I’m rich and famous now and eat only caviar and take champagne showers.  Or my Dad is a photographer and took them for free.  I mean which sounds more realistic?  You decide.  I’ll just keep poppin bottles.

First things first.  Wearing a blazer can go terribly terribly wrong.  There are really only two rules to follow, seems simple, but somehow people turn simple into scary.

Rule #1:  Your blazer should be structured/fitted/tailored, if you are blowing dust off it from the 80’s or you lost 40 lbs and think it still looks okay, BUY a new one.  Or borrow Marty McFly’s time machine because no one will want to be your friend in that in the present (the truth hurts, I keeps it real).


Rule #2: You should definitely own a plain black blazer since it’s so versatile, but you can also get fun with different colors, details, or if you’re feeling really crazy different patterns.  But please know when too much is….too much.




You probably don’t have to wear a blazer everyday to work, ya know unless you have one of those circus jobs like a lion tamer, ring master or lawyer, but they are fun to incorporate here and there to add some variety and so your interview only suit actually gets some wear out of it.  I like to mix and match the pants/blazer colors to avoid looking too conservative and matchy matchy.  Unless you have an interview or client meeting you are risking looking like Miss Trunchbull from Matilda (see picture below).  If I see you dressed liked Miss Trunchbull from Matilda I’m going to sit you down and make you eat an entire chocolate cake.  You’ve been warned.

Black Blazer + Button-down Shirt + Slacks + Heels

Black Blazer + Button-down Shirt + Slacks + Heels.




Don’t pack away those mini skirts for the winter ladies, you can easily pair them with a blazer and head out on the town lookin H-O-T hot and also feel nice and hot with those long sleevies.  Okay, you probably will still be cold, so put on a jacket until you get in the bar dummy, but you will definitely stand out next to all of those girls in black skinny jeans.  It’s a good look because the blazer is saying “Hey, I’m a smarty professional pants”, but then the mini skirt says “Hey I’m here to party hardy.”  Try not to talk to your clothes too often, or use this as a pick up line, unless you are having a contest with your friends to bring home the creepiest weirdest weirdo in the bar.  You should also incorporate pepper spray into your ensemble if you are participating in this contest.

Black Blazer + Black Tank Top + Sequin Skirt + Heels.

Black Blazer + Black Tank Top + Sequin Skirt + Heels.


DON’T CARE. (but hey, i kinda care)

Okay I cared a lot this week, but seriously I can’t wear a blazer with black leggings because I will probably look like a weird penguin.  Like, not the cute animal, the guy from Batman.  The key to making your blazer more chilled out, maxed, relaxed and cool is to roll up the sleeves.  Bonus points if you have a cute lining on the inside.  I just have a super soft semi-baggy t-shirt on under there which is always so comfy and sometimes hard to wear anywhere without looking all raggedy ann(“but she wore a jumper not a t-shirt Maureen.”  Just SHUTUP you know what I mean).  I like to wear this on casual Fridays to work (yup. a don’t care look to work instead of a work look to work, so sue me) so I can come home, take off the blazer and jump right into my “I really don’t care, I’m watching a movie and eating ice cream for dinner” look.

don't care

Black Blazer + Grey T + Scarf + Suede Flats.

Okay to summarize if you don’t own a black blazer go buy one, NOW!  These puppies literally never go out of style.  These puppies below also never go out of style AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!


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Fishnet-esque Tights

Name the Halloween Movie this quote is from:
Winifred Sanderson: Don’t get your knickers in a twist! We’re just three kindly old spinster ladies.
Mary Sanderson: Spending a quiet evening at home.
Sarah: Sucking the lives out of little children!
[Winifred chokes Sarah]

Happy Halloween!! I love Halloween and I love tights. Fishnets were the closest thing to a Halloweenish garment that I could think of without looking like a complete weirdo (since I already act like one, dressing like one will no doubt get me thrown straight in the looneybin). Who says looneybin? Anyways, I mean cat ears + tail can easily be dressed up for the office, but COME ON, there is no way I can be comfortable in those things for my “Don’t Care” look. In anycase I know a lot of women already wear plain black tights, which are great, but why not give your outfit a little boomshakalaka (<— I’m getting ultra desperate for fun adjectives) with patterned tights!

Let’s talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of fishnets. But let’s start with the bad:

This is terrible advice.  I have no words.

When I wear a fanny pack…oh that’s right I never wear a fanny pack. Go home Dos Equis Man, you’re drunk.

Now let’s see the ugly:

Umm boxers shouldn't wear tights.  The end.

Boxers shouldn’t wear full body tights. Correction, NO ONE should wear full body tights. The end.

Okay here is the GOOD, horray!  First, here is a close up of the tights I am wearing in these pics, since my super duper expensive high tech camera (my iphone — I’m returning this thing!  Just kidding iphone, i love you and get anxiety attacks when I don’t have you for 5 seconds) can’t seem to capture it very well:




Fishnet (even esque) Stockings to work can be a little tough, you don’t want to end up looking like you came off the set of Pretty Woman. “Ohhh I love that Movie, I would love to be Julia Roberts in that, that would be soo great.” Okay stop. The movie was amazing, but seriously, get. it. together. She was a PROSTITUTE, you need a new role model stat. Okay back to the look, so I would avoid tall black high heeled boots, at least to work with patterned tights, something just screams “witchy” about that. Booties on the other hand look great! Since the tights are kind of edgy wear something that has a little bit of sweetness to it, lace, ruffles, bows. I try to do this with basically all my outfits to get a happy medium between a straight up Burlesque S&M Chick and Little Bow Peep. Hmm…I’ve lost you haven’t I? It made sense in my head! Just mix edgier fabrics/details with softer ones, kay? Let’s just forget I said that other weird thing, yeah? Okay cool.

Fishnet-esque Tights + Pleated Skirt + Fitted Sweater + Booties.

Fishnet-esque Tights + Pleated Skirt + Fitted Sweater + Booties.



Tights with shorts?  I could never pull that off!  I hate that phrase, OF COURSE you can pull it off.  Just don’t get out your cut offs unless you’re going to the sexy halloween cowboy rodeo party (<–this is a real thing, no it’s not), you need a more tailored pair of fancy pancy shorts.  I also wore leather with suede here on purpose, a little edgy and a little not edgy, gett ittt?  I feel like a lot of us girls turn to jeans when it starts getting cold, but this is a fun way to incorporate shorts when it gets a little chilly and you’ll stand out from the crowd.  Well.. nothing else to say about this pic.  Just your run of the mill generic fashion photo.

Fishnet-esque Tights + Leather Jacket + Bronze Shorts + Jersey Top + Suede Heels

Fishnet-esque Tights + Leather Jacket + Bronze Shorts + Jersey Top + Suede Heels


DON’T CARE. (but hey, i kinda care)

Hey, why don’t you come a little closer pumpkin?  Umm YEAH… I think I need to go on a date.  This skirt is literally made out of the same material as yoga pants so don’t go looking at it thinking I’m not comfortable here.  The top of this outfit kind of says “I’m so cuddly and snuggly and fluffy” and the bottom says “oh heyy”  so together it’s the perfect outfit  for cuddling up with that “special” someone or “not so special, but happens to be there at the time” someone 😉

Fishnet-esque Tights + Cable-knit Sweater + Chunky Scarf + Suede Boots.

Fishnet-esque Tights + Cable-knit Sweater + Chunky Scarf + Suede Boots.

Welp that’s all folks.  And suddenly I’m quoting Porky Pig?  Have a fashiontastic halloween and oh in case you wanted to see what I dressed up as, check out the pic below.  I don’t usually reccommend wearing a hamper covered in red cloth, but on halloween almost anything goes, Cheers!:


Hamper + Red Cloth + Foam + Paint = Bloody Mary


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