Plaid Shirt.

Plaid, Flannel, Tartan, Gingham, Stripes, who knew there was such confusion with these patterns/fabrics until I started talking about doing this blog post.  Wow people! I thought it was common knowledge, but I shouldn’t be too surprised as I asked 5 guys if they knew the difference between a skirt and a dress and 3/5 got it wrong… SO there’s that.

Seems like everyone these days are wearing plaid:  hipsters, farmers, Scottish men, me, and now YOU (<– if that sounds a little bit forceful, it’s because it is.  YOU WILL JOIN MY PLAID CULT, say it with me).  The plaid shirt is also adrongenous, but HOLD ON boys do not wear these looks below, I have some other ideas for you and maybe, just maybe I’ll do a blog post about it hmmm.



Plaid to work??  But, Maureen I’m not a Scottish lumberjack farmer, it won’t look business professional.  Oh, YES it will.  You just need to accompany it with more refined and tailored pieces.  In fact I actually made this outfit into a preppy look with the pearls.  Just don’t wear your wide leg dress pants with the plaid shirt untucked and flats or I WILL call the police.  The fashion police and the regular police because you are obviously on drugs.  Plaid can add some colorful accents to your all black career wardrobe (a lot of you were probably like damn, she’s right all my work clothes are black).

Plaid Shirt + Navy Pencil Skirt + Cardigan + Nude Heels.

Plaid Shirt + Navy Pencil Skirt + Cardigan + Nude Heels.


Who says plaid can’t be a little bit sexy?  OH.  Al Borland.  Good Point.

Home Imp._14b



Okay, okay I’ll refrain from buying any plaid lingerie, but you can sex it up a little bit with a sassy little dress. Plaid is a fun way to add a little color and pattern to a plain outfit that you wouldn’t generally get from a coat or cardigan.  And btw I decided I love the leg warmer/tall sock exposure with boots thing.  So do it.  This outfit is semi-casual fun and flirty so go to semi-casual places and have fun and flirt in it.  You could go apple picking, pumpkin picking, drink apple hard cider, drink pumpkin beers, make apple crisp and carve your pumpkin in this outfit.  What fun!

Plaid Shirt + Black Asymmetrical Jersey Dress + Scarf + Waist Belt + Leg Warmers + Chestnut Boots.

Plaid Shirt + Black Asymmetrical Jersey Dress + Scarf + Waist Belt + Leg Warmers + Chestnut Boots.


DON’T CARE. (but hey, i kinda care)

I like to say this outfit is hipster chic.  And by “like to say” I mean I literally just thought of that as I was typing it out.  It’s comfy and warm, but still looks a little tailored and the cuffed jeans make it look like you put some effort into it (little do people know cuffing jeans only takes about 27 seconds mwhahah).  Also if it gets hot in here I can just take off all my clothes. WAIT WHAT!? I mean my sweatshirt…sorry I often think and speak in old school Hip Hop lyrics without even realizing it.  The plaid shirt looks just as snazzy (<– grampa slang) without the sweatshirt as well (refer to the pic below, that guy nailed it!).

Plaid Shirt + Light Crewneck Sweatshirt + Cuffed Jeans + Converse.

Plaid Shirt + Light Crewneck Sweatshirt + Cuffed Jeans + Converse.



I mean look how trendy plaid really is, just last week I went to this party and ALMOST everyone there had it on.  This was a complete coincidence. Definitely not a themed party in which I came up with the theme.  Nope.  Definitely not.


Get ready for next week’s MAUREENIE HALLOWEENIE SPECIAL!!  It’s going to be trendtacular!!

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